☆Jan. 9, 2020

☆Jan. 9, 2020
In “Role Playing,” arrange the business by making today’s work (Yesterday + 1 or more) and tomorrow’s work (Today + 1 or more), “Simplify the work, and even new staff could understand on the first day of the work.”
☆Jan. 9, 2019
“Always work” If I could breakthrough 100 million yen annual income, I could get married. I will do work my best until then.
☆Jan. 9, 2018
The day I searched for the jockey demo-game “Final Halong”
☆Jan. 9, 2017
(台北で飛行機に乗り遅れる:空港行きのバス内で『仕事に夢中』Terminal 1スルー・Terminal 2スルー→終点で気付き、帰りのバスを待つ→やっと来たバスに乗ったら、運賃$24(手持ちの現金ぴったし)→航空券の交換が無料でできて、次の便で無事に出国:乗り遅れても良いように、最後から2番目の便を予約したのが良かった☆)
Missed an airplane in Taipei: “Go crazy for work” in the bus to the airport, Terminal 1 passed / Terminal 2 passed → Finally noticed at the last stop, waited for the return bus → Finally get on the bus by the fare $ 24 (exactly the cash on my hand ) → Exchange the air tickets for free and safely departed on the next flight: It was nice to book the second last flight, so that I could miss it☆
☆Jan. 9, 2016
(洗濯機の交換&深夜5時まで仕事 – 馬主への努力・強い気持ちを持って!)
Exchange the washing machine & work til 5am – Efforts to be a horse owner with strong mindset !