April 30 (4月30日)

– April 30, 2019 (2019年4月30日)
Even if you can raise the living standard of food, clothing and housing, it is difficult to drop it once it is raised. In particular, the larger the width. So, even if your income goes up, keep your living standard at the same level. As a result, it sustains happiness and leads to further income increase.
即使你可以提高食物,衣服和住房的生活水平,一旦养大就很难放弃。 特别是宽度越大。 因此,即使您的收入增加,也要将您的生活水平保持在同一水平。 结果,它维持了幸福,并导致进一步增加收入。
– April 30, 2018 (2018年4月30日)
When I was 18, I chose to go to the university in USA by my strength. I will stay in the United States for a while and take off the limit to remember that feeling again.
当我18岁的时候,我选择以我的力量去美国的大学。 我将留在美国一段时间,并取消限制,以再次记住这种感觉。
– April 30, 2017 (2017年4月30日)
Don’t waste the talent !