August 11, 2019

– August 11, 2019
“How can we make a big hit ?” It is just one extraordinary “zeal” from one person. A big hit comes from a minority. An idea that 70 to 80% of people agree with will not be a big hit. How can we spread this little passion to the surroundings without giving up by many oppositions ? “Enthusiasm” is the driving force.
– August 11, 2018
I will get the world with this ! I always imagined the day before the sleep. Every night, I have imagined a day to get the derbies around the world, ever since my first grade. Never give up ! While Japan’s growth has been stopped, the world continues to grow greatly in a progressive way.
– August 11, 2017
You should be a little broader man: you can’t do it so far, so you can’t grow-up. James is also very big. And fat. Laugh. Because Sofie feels indebted to you and always worries about you, and, you’ll be fine.