August 20, 2019

– August 20, 2019
The United States is a nation that specially respects your “strength”: if you wanna get respected in the States, you must win thoroughly in any field, you must win overwhelmingly.
– August 20, 2018
Update daily☆my personal diary. Live a new day by day.
– August 20, 2017
It is better to suppress anger emotions as much as possible & express emotions as less as possible.
– August 20, 2014
(マレーシアに初めて行った日:行き先 1. ツインタワー 2. スリア KLCC (紀伊國屋) 3. クラン川とゴンバック川の合流点:マスジッド・ジャメ)
First visit to Malaysia: Destination 1. Twin Towers 2. Suria KLCC (Kinokuniya) 3. Junction of Klang and Gonbach Rivers: Masjid Jame