August 27, 2019

– August 27, 2019
(世界の4大自由:1. 時間の自由・2. 場所の自由・3. 人間関係の自由・4. お金の自由 現時点でお金以外の3つの自由は、既に手元にある。残るお金の自由の獲得へ頑張っている)
The four great freedoms in the world: 1. Freedom of time 2. Freedom of place 3. Freedom of human relations 4. Freedom of money. Now, already three freedoms other than money on my hand. I’m working hard to get the freedom of money.
– August 27, 2018
Commitment to the “uncommon sense” of the industry, it becomes a brand
– August 27, 2017
☆ There is a winning luck ☆