August 9, 2019

– August 9, 2019
At first, if I bought one horse, I thought that the budget was divided into four, and buying four horses was more effective. It’s the strategy of “shoots more, hits at last.” However, the reality is that “the horse I want has a decent price” and “I feel responsible of taking care after retirement” The key is NOT to change the horse by the price, but, get the horse I want on my belief. My beliefs are 1. “Breed OGURI CAP’s children” 2. “Revive Northern Taste sire line” Lets live horse life on my belief.
– August 9, 2018
Opened-up my personal blog “living desperately”
– August 9, 2017
Nobunaga’s ambitions … Completed Unification with Sorin Ohtomo !
– August 9, 2015
(中国・武漢に初めて行った日:East Asian Cup 2015 China V.S. Japan☆)
First day went to Wuhan, China : East Asian Cup 2015 China V.S. Japan☆