July 10, 2019

– July 10, 2019
I have voted for the House of Councilors Elections of Japan. The overseas voting has a long voting period of 10 days, and we can drop in at our favorite time of 9:30-17:00, which is very convenient. The staff members kindly teach the voting procedure, easy-to-understand, and there is a file listed all the candidates. In this election, a party “protects people from NHK” has nominated candidates in each prefecture, and their age is young, and I want to trust them. This time, it is not a preference of the political party, but I would like to refrain from the party which insists “increase tax in October” in the current economic situation. There is only a sense of crisis that the consumption tax will be 10%.

– July 10, 2018
Bash! Bash! Bash! Take actions. Sow seeds and grow sprouts.

– July 10, 2017
If not getting good outcome, it is because whether I am not taking actions or taking actions in a different direction. When taking actions in a right direction, I will get good outcome.