July 12, 2019

– July 12, 2019
“Neo McQueen” (now 22 years old) I have been cheering since my junior high and high school. She has not successful breeding in the beginning, but has given birth for 3 horses in the past 3 consecutive years. 2017: Behkabad, 2018: Fenomeno, 2019: Vincennes, this year’s horse was born in June and was planning with Cradle Sire in July. Judging from the rancher that “it is better to rest this year in consideration of her age. And It is better to postpone it to the next spring.” “next year is the last chance” One-year-later dream that Oguri-cap and Mejiro McQueen’s blood will come cross.
– July 12, 2018
I must learn so much and keep improving, otherwise I cannot get the “Mother’s dream !” I want to make it come true !!
– July 12, 2017
Neither “a lofty degree of intelligence” nor “imagination” nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.