July 13, 2019

– July 13, 2019
From Hong Kong to Beijing, the high-speed railway departs at 8am and arrives at 5pm once a day: Shenzhen → Guangzhou → Changsha → Wuhan → Zhengzhou → Shijiazhuang → Beijing: it takes 3.5 hours by plane, 20 daily flights: I want to get experience “China Railway Long travel” once in my life.
– July 13, 2018
☆Riding on the rising air flow in July☆Live in the finest pride!
– July 13, 2016
Is this season ending in the first half ? Tell the unattractive team how to use the relief pitchers, how many pitching coaches do they have? I will stop watching games in the second half, even 1 game. It is a waste of time. It is forbidden to talk about the amateur baseball team until going back to Japan. It is worth much more to spend time for my glorious future. Do my best !