July 17, 2019

– July 17, 2019
Riding the momentum of Dragons’ seven consecutive wins, Happy Day ♪ Happy Life ♪ ♪ Last night, I wish I went to watch the game in Toyohashi … No ! It is not the time doing that !! I am also “Now, here is the match point.” It is the same for both Chunichi and I aiming for the consecutive victory. For the cheering, can do it from Hong Kong. Win today ! Win every day !!
– July 17, 2018
(Surely, it is ALL RIGHT !! by GaryTAK 毎日必死だよ・必死にやってるから、運がめっちゃ良いよ☆)
Surely, it is ALL RIGHT by GaryTAK I’m desperate every day -I’m desperately working on, and I’m really lucky☆
– July 17, 2017
One single decision and the action by one person can change the world.