July 19, 2019

– July 19, 2019
At present, it is very difficult to bring a thoroughbred from overseas to Japan. From China, no. From Hong Kong, just for the international competition … I’m inquiring “from which country is it possible ?” I am dreaming China’s nameless horse suddenly appeared like a comet and win a Japanese race … going through which country could it be achieved ?
– July 19, 2018
Need to take more actions van ! van ! van ! If I don’t win first, I will lose the second.
– July 19, 2017
This month, July, will be a crucial time for training players. It is important here to show the best play. Want to go up, play in a single army, can show that kindness or desperate attitude ? Even if show it, may not become a professional player. But if can’t, definitely get fired.