July 8, 2019

– July 8, 2019
“I love the country of Japan,” but I hate its “large amount of tax.” Booked flights for my Japanese friend: traditional airport usage tax and entry exit management tax, international tourist and passenger tax <January 2019 Day start> also added. The tax burden on the Japanese public is getting heavier every year. The country’s tax revenue has risen sharply since 2010, and last year exceeded the 60 trillion yen record high (beyond the bubbling economy period). Tax items and amounts are increasing. Economic stagnation and the salary does not rise, in contrast, the tax revenue is the highest ever. Consumer tax will also increase in October. How much tax will be taken from the general public in Japan.
– July 8, 2018
Study by myself, judge by myself, make my own decisions, and be responsible for myself.
– July 8, 2017
With all the effort ! Seriously ! Get the first place of the market share !!