July 9, 2019

– July 9, 2019
Even thinking “it will not be possible”, it is important to “try before judging,” if there is a little possibility, taking action will open the way. “Let’s take action rather think.” “Open Mind.”

– July 9, 2018
(進め!勝ち取るんだ!!Oh 燃え上がれ!ぶちかませ!!強き竜の力を魅せろ!!!『そうだ、相手はあくまで最強山王』)
Go ! Get the win !! Oh, burn up ! Don’t beat it !! Show the power of the strong Dragons !!!” Yes, my opponent is just the strongest San-Oh”

– July 9, 2017
Absolute win: this week, with all of my effort, I’m giving my 100% ! Increase the maximum value of my ability! !