May 27 (5月27日)

– May 27, 2019 (2019年5月27日)
(大切な人から教わったこと『毎日やりたいこと、全てやりきること』全部だ!全部!毎日やりたいことを全部やりきれ!)What I learned from my best partner “Do everything what I want to do every day” It’s All ! Everything ! Do everything I want to do every day!
– May 27, 2018 (2018年5月27日)
(父母と名古屋で会って、結婚とビジネス相談)Meeting with parents in Nagoya, asking ideas of marriage and business.
– May 27, 2017 (2017年5月27日)
(なんか、久しぶりの日本だけど、心に余裕のない人が増えたな〜 言い争いとか、いざこざが目につく。そんな争いとは、無縁の環境で生きたい)Somehow, it’s been a long time since visiting in Japan last time, but people who cannot afford with others have increased ~ disputes or troubles were around. I want to live in an environment without such conflicts.