May 5 (5月5日)

– May 5, 2019 (2019年5月5日)
It’s NOT “winning is my ability and losing is my luck.” It’s “winning is my luck and losing is my ability.” Do not forget to always improve my abilities, keeping in mind the fact that I am winning because I am lucky. In sunny days, do not forget to prepare for rainy days.
这不是“赢得我的能力,失败是我的运气。这是“赢得我的运气,失败是我的能力。” 不要忘记总是提高我的能力,记住我赢了,因为我很幸运。 在阳光明媚的日子里,不要忘记为下雨天做好准备。
– May 5, 2018 (2018年5月5日)
They ate the same food as us, stayed in the same hut, and loved the children very much. Japan was the first to truly treat as human. We were happy that, so we could not leave that Japan’s soldiers dying.
他们和我们一样吃了同样的食物,住在同一间小屋里,非常爱孩子们。 日本是第一个真正对待人类的人。 我们很高兴,所以我们不能让日本士兵死亡。
– May 5, 2017 (2017年5月5日)
Until the war started, we were treated as slaves by white masters. But Japanese soldiers were different from them. The Japanese army was saying that they came here to drive out the masters together as the same colored people, and let us be independent.
在战争开始之前,我们被白人主人视为奴隶。 但日本士兵与他们不同。 日本军队说他们来到这里是为了把大师们当成同样的有色人种,让我们独立。
– May 5, 2016 (2016年5月5日)
The way is not smart! Recognize the fact that the Rakuten runs the baseball team, not the Livedoor.
方式不聪明! 认识到楽天经营着棒球队,而不是活力門。