Nov. 26, 2019

– Nov. 26, 2019
When a man tries to act, the brain tries to stop it by any means. Start looking for the reasons not to act. Act before you think. OK? Before acting, separate emotions and feelings. Because man is a god of excuses. The most difficulty is the first step.
– Nov. 26, 2018
(Good afternoon !! 週末いかがお過ごしですか?恵那峡を旅しています。どこでもネット接続ができるようになったから、日本の名所を巡って、日本の良さを実感しています。良い週末を!^ – ^・恵那グランドホテル・恵那峡遊覧船・恵那峡大橋・恵那ワンダーランド・岩村(明知鉄道))
Good afternoon !! How are you spending this weekend? I am traveling through Enakyo. Now I can connect with internet everywhere, I can enjoy the goodness of Japan by visiting famous places. Have a good weekend! ^-^ – Ena Grand Hotel – Enakyo pleasure boat- Enakyo Bridge- Ena Wonderland – Iwamura (Akechi Railway)
– Nov. 26, 2017
(世界にDEEP IMPACT !! もっといい生活をしたいだろう。そのためには、仕事を頑張れば、お金が貰えるぞ)
DEEP IMPACT in the world !! You want to live a better life. For that, you can earn money if working hard.
– Nov. 26, 2016
Keep the current status is definitely a deterioration. If feeling that no-change life is good, you are not looking directly at the reality. There is a change at this moment, the old one deteriorates and the new one replaces it. If you can’t directly accept, being a rot.
– Nov. 26, 2015
The day I discharged from the hospital and talked with Nae-chan.