Oct. 16, 2019

I often waste my time. Because I am not a robot, there are many things that do not go as expected schedule. The thing I noticed is “it is important when feeling the time waste.” At the moment, it is full of energy. If using the power to do what wanted to do in the wasted time, it is more efficient and takes less time. I feel very well by thinking “it is important when feeling the time waste.”
– Oct. 16, 2018
The day all the payments are consolidated into one credit card.
– Oct. 16, 2017
Every morning, I believe & live that I will change the world on my hands. No stability is necessary. The world is innovation only.
– Oct. 16, 2016
The world is capitalism, and what you can do depends on how much money you have. My family changes since my generation !
– Oct. 16, 2015
(加速度的に成長を始めた日:「彼のプレイをよく見て…盗めるだけ盗みなさい。そして彼の3倍練習する。そうしないと…高校生のうちは、到底、彼に、追いつけないよ」 このときから桜木は流川のプレイを目で追うようになる。それに伴い、後にさらに加速度的に、成長していく)
The day began to grow by an accelerated pace: “look closely at his play … steal as much as you can. And practice three times as much as he does. Otherwise … in the high school, you can’t catch up with him.” From time to time, Sakuragi will follow Rukawa’s play. Along with that, it will grow more rapidly later.