Oct. 22, 2019

– Oct. 22, 2019
Take a step forward with all the heart. The wish will come true.

– Oct. 22, 2018
(1. 仕事への理解:医療の仕事に理解のある人 2. 包容力のある人:些細な事を気にせず融通が利く 3. 壁なし:言いたい事が言えて、やりたい事ができる人)
1. Understanding of the job: one who understands medical work 2. Tolerant person: flexible and not to worry about trivial matters 3. No wall: can say what want to say and can do what want to do

– Oct. 22, 2017
I need the will to get married, the will to take care of the families

– Oct. 22, 2016
Moving from Guangzhou to Manila

– Oct. 22, 2015
A blank day after returning from Beijing, China. Super tired and slept at the sauna.