Oct. 25, 2019

– Oct. 25, 2019
Bam ! Bam ! Bam! Now, if don’t go ahead and do things promptly, time flies !! It’s too late at the end of the year, let’s do it now !!
– Oct. 25, 2018
It is effective to “hang the carrot” in front !
– Oct. 25, 2017
By the things no one is doing and not done anywhere, get both the only one and the number one !!
– Oct. 25, 2016
After all: what to do at night ! In the daytime, everyone is doing in certain ways and all seeming about the same. What wanna do in this world depends how spending the night time.
– Oct. 25, 2015
If unsure of the choices, at once, get the more expensive one !