Oct. 26, 2019

– Oct. 26, 2019
“Clums of Curiosity” Don’t leave things that don’t know ! Always seek the knowledge greedy !!
– Oct. 26, 2018
After experiencing this stay in Okinawa, I was able to grow big and rough in a good way ! It has become rough !! Live with an unlimited dream !!!
– Oct. 26, 2017
Fire storm in the morning after waking up ! Running out in the day and catch preys ! In the evening, it becomes very tired and sleep ! At long night, carefully sharpen the fangs !
– Oct. 26, 2016
Come on ! The rise of the Hong Kong doctor !! Once it breaks through, I could get the greatest chance ! Go as far as possible !!
– Oct. 26, 2015
I’m determined to become a man who can work with non-Japanese men, especially white men !!