Oct. 29, 2019

– Oct. 29, 2019
Both horses and humans are getting stronger and coming back to the Kasamatsu Racecourse !
– Oct. 29, 2018
What I always tell myself is to go out as much as possible during the day and meet people. If staying indoors during the day, I will not grow up. I can focus on PC and office work at night. In the day, going out and meeting people returns to tomorrow !
– Oct. 29, 2017
Change the world ! As it’s ready, put into the power instantly ! Act with full power !! To get unemployed incomes, we must work many more times than employed workers in a short period.
– Oct. 29, 2016
There are only medical care and WEB on my hand.
– Oct. 29, 2015
The day I bought a biography of the Wright brothers, after dreaming of getting on an early stage airplane.