☆Jan. 14, 2020

☆Jan. 14, 2020
“No need, no act.” By March 2022, I must use my entire energy and become a qualified horse owner of “JRA.” My marriage and having a family is a story afterwards.
☆Jan. 14, 2019
Nothing can keep both having fun and earning. It is the result of tens and thousands of paying their dues !
☆Jan. 14, 2018
(子供に「あなたは数学ができない」と 言ってはいけないそうだ。例えば運動でも言語でも。そう言われた子供は、数学ができないと自ら思い込み、実際に不得意になってしまう。結果、やらず嫌いになる。「◯◯ができない」と言うと、そこで伸びなくなる)
Not telling the child, “You can’t do math,” and also sports or language. The child is convinced that he cannot do mathematics, and actually becomes weak. As a result, hate it. If saying “can’t do it,” it won’t grow over the point.
☆Jan. 14, 2017
Good work is an ingenuity that makes customers and those around them happy. Doing work that will please our customers and those around us, and devising it, doing it faster and more. In addition, the idea is to improve the quality of work and make customers and those around them happy.
☆Jan. 14, 2016
Doing it for people … I realize my own venture business.
☆Jan. 14, 2015
“Mokkei” refers to the strongest state of cockfighting that does not move at all like a carved chicken.

☆Jan. 13, 2020

☆Jan. 13, 2020
“Under the precedent principle,” doing things exactly following with the precedent. It is common sense that the precedents succeeded in the past are right, without fully verified, and denying the precedents is stupid, out of common sense, even labeled … the verification; it was right in the past, but being out of dated now, considers as a foolish act.
☆Jan. 13, 2019
Since New Year’s Day till now, I have been working very well. Full energetic ! Will not miss the prey aiming at.
☆Jan. 13, 2018
Simply “those who can study well” are not respected enough. Rather, the one who stands out for something in details like music, sports, or railroads, or thinking about mathematical and physics formulas all day, could acknowledge one’s superiority.
☆Jan. 13, 2017
(困難がその人を 鍛えあげる 磨きあげる 本物にする)
Difficulties make the person train, polish and make the person genuine.

☆Jan. 12, 2020

☆Jan. 12, 2020
First of all, I want to take care of my life and my time. Miracles of ancestors have been linked, and it is me who are at the forefront of these miracles now.
☆Jan. 12, 2019
(東京タワーで昔 見かけたみやげ物に はりついてた言葉は「努力」と「根性」)
A long time ago, in Tokyo Tower I saw a souvenir. The souvenier said “effort” and “fighting spirit.”
☆Jan. 12, 2018
Life is generally up to “negotiating power,” and the outcome totally depends on the negotiations.
☆Jan. 12, 2017
The world is not an equal at all. Until now, Japan was 100 million middle-class without a big income gap, however, the income gap is getting bigger and bigger following with the world trend.
☆Jan. 12, 2016
Revenue is not “for workforce” but “for intelligence !” Think !!
☆Jan. 12, 2015
If he does not agree, he will not follow. = He is not a man who follows with unconvinced.

☆Jan. 11, 2020

☆Jan. 11, 2020
“The United States thanks President Tsai for her leadership in developing a strong partnership with the United States and applauds her commitment to maintaining cross-Strait stability in the face of unrelenting pressure,” Pompeo said.
☆Jan. 11, 2019
Fast-working personnel get the day’s tasks done quickly and get an extra time. The extra time is a legitimate result of working efficiently. It must be evaluated by financial rewards. If required extra work for the extra time, it must exchange with legitimate rewards.
☆Jan. 11, 2018
In a lazy era, those who are willing to enter a hungry road and keep the hungry spirit … those who got weakened their “wild sense” when being fulfilled.
☆Jan. 11, 2017
We must change the current status. We must start to change it.
☆Jan. 11, 2016
Dedicate the time improving himself/herself inside, instead of going to the waste meeting outside, it’ll invest for tomorrow.

☆Jan. 10, 2020

☆Jan. 10, 2020
13 years ago, 2007: 1sgd (Singapore dollar) = approx. 80 yen. 2020: 1sgd = approx. 80 yen. The apparent exchange rate has not changed for 13 years. However, Singapore’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) has increased approximately 1.8 times from 272.7 billion sgd (2007) to 498 billion sgd (2019), while Japan’s GDP has been almost flat. Over the past 13 years, while the domestic economy has stagnated by deflation, foreign economies have steadily grown. Japan → Overseas: Surprisingly high prices, Overseas → Japan: Surprisingly low prices. If neither individuals nor societies want to be boiled frogs, they have no choice but to change their frogs.
☆Jan. 10, 2019
My greatest strength is that in the morning ! day-time ! night-time ! basically can naturally continue working without resting: If no talent, “continuation” is the life source !
☆Jan. 10, 2018
“Mehrabian’s law” 7% of language information such as story content, 38% of auditory information such as tone and speed of speech, 55% of visual information such as appearance, so called “Rules of 7-38-55.” There is only choice to use in human society.
☆Jan. 10, 2017
Life is is the result of repeating two choices, to do ! or not to do !
☆Jan. 10, 2016
More thoughts writing on paper ! write ! write ! write and beat it !!

☆Jan. 9, 2020

☆Jan. 9, 2020
In “Role Playing,” arrange the business by making today’s work (Yesterday + 1 or more) and tomorrow’s work (Today + 1 or more), “Simplify the work, and even new staff could understand on the first day of the work.”
☆Jan. 9, 2019
“Always work” If I could breakthrough 100 million yen annual income, I could get married. I will do work my best until then.
☆Jan. 9, 2018
The day I searched for the jockey demo-game “Final Halong”
☆Jan. 9, 2017
(台北で飛行機に乗り遅れる:空港行きのバス内で『仕事に夢中』Terminal 1スルー・Terminal 2スルー→終点で気付き、帰りのバスを待つ→やっと来たバスに乗ったら、運賃$24(手持ちの現金ぴったし)→航空券の交換が無料でできて、次の便で無事に出国:乗り遅れても良いように、最後から2番目の便を予約したのが良かった☆)
Missed an airplane in Taipei: “Go crazy for work” in the bus to the airport, Terminal 1 passed / Terminal 2 passed → Finally noticed at the last stop, waited for the return bus → Finally get on the bus by the fare $ 24 (exactly the cash on my hand ) → Exchange the air tickets for free and safely departed on the next flight: It was nice to book the second last flight, so that I could miss it☆
☆Jan. 9, 2016
(洗濯機の交換&深夜5時まで仕事 – 馬主への努力・強い気持ちを持って!)
Exchange the washing machine & work til 5am – Efforts to be a horse owner with strong mindset !

☆Jan. 8, 2020

トウカイテイオー クワイトファイン
☆Jan. 8, 2020
The day the Tokai Teio successor stallion project, the road of Quite Fine’s Stallion got success. Next year, may horse be born safely.
☆Jan. 8, 2019
The day I felt that the “game points” are clearly visible.
☆Jan. 8, 2018
(Forbes JAPAN 1月号:なぜ俺がここに載っていないんだ!奮い立て!!)
Forbes JAPAN January Issue: Why I’m not listed in here ! Inspire !!
☆Jan. 8, 2017
Flowers bloomed at the age of 30 … Late huge blooms !
☆Jan. 8, 2016
Look at this potential, make us rich !!
☆Jan. 8, 2015
Champagne debut “The day Sophie drank champagne for the first time.”

☆Jan. 7, 2020

☆Jan. 7, 2020
(朴訥な人・・・1. 第一に「素直!」 2. 取り敢えず動ける「行動力!」 3. 失敗が「情報源!」 4. 疑問点を「即解決!」 5. そして遠慮なく「未来を描け!」)
By a shy person … 1. First, “be genuine !” 2. Ability to “try moving !” 3. Mistake is the “information source !” 4. Q&A “immediately !” 5. And feel free to “imagine the future !”

☆Jan. 7, 2019
Now in my era, “Do whatever we want.”

☆Jan. 7, 2018
(1つの事をやり続けていると、ある瞬間から『覚醒状態 Arousal State』に入る!)
If keep doing one thing, we could enter the Arousal State from a certain point !

☆Jan. 7, 2017
Let’s talk about whether your current job is “paid by performance-base” or not … as long as working on an hourly salary basis, it’s a poor route. Earn money by performance-basis with own spirit !

☆Jan. 7, 2016
Be foolish ! Get the money (value / victory) !!

☆Jan. 6, 2020

オーストラリア 馬主

☆Jan. 6, 2020
A sense of crisis that always assumes the worst ! A storm of pressure on myself ! Midwinter frigid than everlasting warmth ! Whether the Lara Fauna can run on the JRA’s race again depends on I can qualify myself as the horse owner: Grow myself more than my horse !

☆Jan. 6, 2019
If don’t rest 365 days and keep working, everything we want to do should come true ! Not doing the best from tomorrow, but from today ! First, do the best only for today. Only those who have started doing the best today will go tomorrow !!

☆Jan. 6, 2018
Once again ! Renew my spirit !! Inspire goodness with the intercontinental’s breakfast.

☆Jan. 6, 2017
(似合うカラーは『紺』だ!Navy Blueで攻めろ!!)
The matching color is “Navy” ! Attack with “Navy Blue” !!

☆Jan. 6, 2016
New Year’s first insurance working day, 2am at night completed.

☆Jan. 5, 2020

☆Jan. 5, 2020
Even we think it is a small promise, it may be a big promise for the person who promised. If we can’t keep the promise, we’ll be unlocked it when it is convinced by the promised person. Selfish cancellation of the promise breaks the relationship of people. Peoples relationship is important.
☆Jan. 5, 2019
New Year’s first “5-star hotel stay” Conrad Hong Kong ☆ 2018 Bulbasaur・2019 Ivysaur・2020 Venusaur
☆Jan. 5, 2018
One has strong competitive spirit, and always take an effort to be a professional person.
☆Jan. 5, 2017
Take care of our pure heart
☆Jan. 5, 2016
(Forbes “30 under 30″を確認し、さらなる飛躍を誓った日!)
The day I checked the Forbes “30 under 30” and swore a leap forward !