☆ May 16, 2020

☆ May 16, 2020
“We will ride the current trends and do the “maximum” we could do. If we don’t adapt, we will be selected by natural elimination. That’s why we “stop sticking to way,” adapt the current trends, and choose the best ways. We have a flexible stance that does not stick to way, and focus on achieving our goals.”
☆ May 16, 2019
Working as a medical interpreter, some doctors say, “you are NOT a disease of A, but if you having a disease of A, its symptom is like this, and for this condition, such treatment is necessary.” Explain the tentative story in detail. Then, some patients might be confused of the details, and the actual medical condition often could not understood. It is the job of a medical interpreter to follow well with the patient at that time.
☆ May 16, 2018
If using the most of the intelligence, there is always a winning chance.
☆ May 16, 2017
Show them your values !
『365 Anniversaries My Life:365日が記念日・俺の人生』

☆ May 15, 2020

☆ May 15, 2020
“Anyone can see that that here is the matching point now.”
☆ May 15, 2019
The beginning of the day is NOT from the morning, but from 0 o’clock in the morning ! As well as the New Year’s Day and the Birthdays, let’s celebrate 0 o’clock every morning ! If start off from 0 o’clock in the morning, you have a hopeful day, for sure.
☆ May 15, 2018
Did I do things that are not directly linked to my income? Let’s spend time thinking cost effectiveness !
☆ May 15, 2017
Now Let’s Go to the infinity and beyond !
『365 Anniversaries My Life:365日が記念日・俺の人生』

☆ May 14, 2020

☆ May 14, 2020
Opening date of the clinic: from the hometown of Hanbei Takenaka in Gifu to a “small local horse owner. The next generation will be even more prosperous by passing on the ” Japanese domestic horses’ dream” from father to son.

☆ May 14, 2019
Now, I am in an “economy” class ! I really want to get in on the “business” class, but if I raise the level here, I’m afraid that my growth rate will slow down. “Business” is a through-pass until I can ride the “First” every time!! Near future I am riding the “First” every time !!!

☆ May 14, 2018
Every day at midnight 4am or 5am: Endure the unbearable, snarl steals the hardship.

☆ May 14, 2017
☆Sekai Everywhere Doctor has begun to walk☆

☆ May 14, 2016

『365 Anniversaries My Life:365日が記念日・俺の人生』

☆ May 13, 2020

☆ May 13, 2020
“God helps those who help themselves.” There is no such thing as luck falling from the sky one day to a person who makes no effort.

☆ May 13, 2019
(IN TERRA PAX 地球に愛を ぼくらに夢を 地球の息吹だ この宇宙のメロディにつつまれ 人は生きる 鳥も木も草も IN TERRA PAX 地球に愛を ぼくらに夢を)
IN TERRA PAX Love for the earth, Make us dream, Breath of the earth, Surrounded by the melody of this space, one is living with birds, trees and grassless. IN TERRA PAX Love for the earth, Make us dream.

☆ May 13, 2018
Determined ! Immigrate within a year: swears on one million dollar day view !

☆ May 13, 2017
(1. ハーバード 2. ドバイ 3. 結婚)
1. Harvard 2. Dubai 3. Marriage.

☆ May 13, 2016
Quit ! Baseball & Trumpet.

『365 Anniversaries My Life:365日が記念日・俺の人生』

☆ May 12, 2020

☆ May 12, 2020
“Achievements & Professional group : An era of high uncertainty requires us to add values. Social transform → Negative derivation → Business opportunities to eliminate the negative derivation. Only focus on getting the results straight.”

☆ May 12, 2019
Now, I am very serious, I cannot take a break on Sunday, tomorrow it will be Hong Kong holiday, I will work.

☆ May 12, 2018
Hong Kong interpreter group start !

☆ May 12, 2017
Change my family from my generation.

『365 Anniversaries My Life:365日が記念日・俺の人生』

☆ May 11, 2020

☆ May 11, 2020
“Go ahead ! and Go ahead ! by hopping-up with Corona and go to the USA … building on today’s improvements since yesterday and aim for the world supremacy: stick to the belief.”
☆ May 11, 2019
Instead of seeking happiness in new places, seek happiness in places where we are now. Put up looking for temporary happiness in the tourist area and give priority to creating lasting happiness in the place of residence. Grab a big fruit.
☆ May 11, 2018
Spring: Philippines, Summer: Hong Kong, Fall: Romania, Winter: Dubai = Progress the realization!
☆ May 11, 2017
Avoid the trouble before coming out, or deal with the trouble after coming out … If dealing the trouble immediately after coming out, the growth speed is faster.
『365 Anniversaries My Life:365日が記念日・俺の人生』

☆ May 10, 2020

☆ May 10, 2020
“Resolute: I have not been disciplined until now. Living with a resolute attitude as a member of society. I have been really disciplined until now. The day I vowed to live up to my name. Famous mare horse Resolute: Debut this week”
☆ May 10, 2019
A very busy day: a day when we were able to provide medical care to a total of 30 patients, a day when we did our best from morning to night.
☆ May 10, 2018
☆With courage, the first street performance at 2am in the middle of the night☆Earning HK$5, I got moved☆
☆ May 10, 2017
Life has certainly begun to change. Do not forget this motivation ! Do not forget forever !! Do not forget it !!!
『365 Anniversaries My Life:365日が記念日・俺の人生』

☆ May 9, 2020

☆ May 9, 2020
“The things that works well, are moving forward more and more smoothly, and the things that don’t work, stubbornly not moving, even though spending time and energy on them. The key is people ! People are the castles, people are the stone walls, and people are the moats. The importance of people’s work.”

☆ May 9, 2019
I can only see the stock listing now—

☆ May 9, 2018
I want to change the world by utilizing this “hospital search program.” Even after dying, it is a business that will remain in the future forever as a legacy.

☆ May 9, 2017
I need a firm determination that no longer shakes anything.

『365 Anniversaries My Life:365日が記念日・俺の人生』

☆ May 8, 2020

☆ May 8, 2020
“Concentration’s wave = Raw Stuff with Time Limit: Suddenly, the concentration gushing out instantly is “the greatest chance point in a day. Instantaneous movement → just move forward at once. Give the Flareon.”
☆ May 8, 2019
Challenge → Mistake → Improvement → Repeat Challenge: how fast, and how many times, I could do. Conviction !
☆ May 8, 2018
Everyday, I am desperate. This year is my important year. I must win @ the St.Teresa’s Hospital, night time.
☆ May 8, 2017
Looking for a partner who earns similar income
☆ May 8, 2016
Mother’s Day: Carnation and Bunmeido’s Castella
『365 Anniversaries My Life:365日が記念日・俺の人生』

☆ May 7, 2020

☆ May 7, 2020
『次、”世界に飛び出せる”時:世界で闘う準備が整っているか否か、この差は大きい。今、世界へ飛び出す前の準備期間 = 高校卒業後、海外留学へ夢を膨らませた準備期間と重ねれば、爪を研ぐことも尚良し』
“Next time, when we can “jump into the world”: Whether we are ready to fight in the world or not, this difference is huge. Now is the planning period before going out to the world = overlapping with the planning period that made dream of studying abroad after graduating from high school, it is even better to sharpen the nails.”
☆ May 7, 2019
Just continue in the rainy day and the windy day. “Mountains” are not built with dust, but when the energy accumulated and reached a level, it is suddenly created by explosion. Now is the stage of storing the energy of the explosion. Continue without stopping even if there is no change in appearance. Continue and win !
☆ May 7, 2018
The three enemies at work are “sleeping”, “starving”, “wanting to go to the restroom.” Always thinking how to reduce these three time zones.
☆ May 7, 2017
Weak at close game, and sometimes big win… This is a typical weak team. Strong teams are good at close game and sometimes big lose.
☆ May 7, 2016
The day when I was attracted by Namie Amuro !
『365 Anniversaries My Life:365日が記念日・俺の人生』