July 20, 2019

– July 20, 2019
Do you remember your old dreams or what you wanted to accomplish ? In my old days, I had more challenges. I was growing further. I felt that I was “old” in my heart. The last conversation made me fire. Thank you. Good. Life is over when it goes defense. Let’s live shining by “RUN & GUN” !

– July 20, 2018
Soft clothes are better than the perfect fit. Wild hair is better than perfect hair. personal color: black+deep red+deep blue

– July 20, 2017
I had a dream ! College days ! Pure and reckless … Slow but surely able to grow in 10 years: my brain will change the world !!

July 19, 2019

– July 19, 2019
At present, it is very difficult to bring a thoroughbred from overseas to Japan. From China, no. From Hong Kong, just for the international competition … I’m inquiring “from which country is it possible ?” I am dreaming China’s nameless horse suddenly appeared like a comet and win a Japanese race … going through which country could it be achieved ?
– July 19, 2018
Need to take more actions van ! van ! van ! If I don’t win first, I will lose the second.
– July 19, 2017
This month, July, will be a crucial time for training players. It is important here to show the best play. Want to go up, play in a single army, can show that kindness or desperate attitude ? Even if show it, may not become a professional player. But if can’t, definitely get fired.

July 18, 2019

– July 18, 2019
“Rising Dragons” riding on the momentum of 8 consecutive wins, Happy Day♪ Happy Life♪♪ while suppressing the desire to go to the Yokohama Stadium, I devote myself on my work today and taste the victory. I will go to Dubai in 2020 ! And I will go to the USA in 2021 ! Win today ! Win every day !!
– July 18, 2018
☆Accumulate the best time ‘medical x IT’☆
– July 18, 2017
Work seriously for one day today ! and eat lobster !!

July 17, 2019

– July 17, 2019
Riding the momentum of Dragons’ seven consecutive wins, Happy Day ♪ Happy Life ♪ ♪ Last night, I wish I went to watch the game in Toyohashi … No ! It is not the time doing that !! I am also “Now, here is the match point.” It is the same for both Chunichi and I aiming for the consecutive victory. For the cheering, can do it from Hong Kong. Win today ! Win every day !!
– July 17, 2018
(Surely, it is ALL RIGHT !! by GaryTAK 毎日必死だよ・必死にやってるから、運がめっちゃ良いよ☆)
Surely, it is ALL RIGHT by GaryTAK I’m desperate every day -I’m desperately working on, and I’m really lucky☆
– July 17, 2017
One single decision and the action by one person can change the world.

July 16, 2019

– July 16, 2019
It looks like I’m dreaming to see the Dragons “A Class” standings.♪ Now, I’m excited and cannot sleep tonight♪♪ I can live happily everyday with only the Dragons winning♪♪♪

– July 16, 2018
I got sensed ! Extremely sensed !! More and more ideas are coming out !!!

– July 16, 2014
The day my mother bought a new car.

July 15, 2019

– July 15, 2019
Recruiting the Tokyo 2020 Olympics “Torch Runners” in each prefecture: on March 26, 2020, the torch relay starts from Fukushima, and it will pass through my home Gifu on April 4th and 5th, then going to the south on the Pacific route till Okinawa, then going to the north on the Japan Sea route. It is great for those who think about this route. Never go to the same prefecture again till the final destination Tokyo! … from 40 Miyagi, the torch will warp slightly to Shizuoka (laughs) Let’s apply at home ! I definitely want to raise my hand.

– July 15, 2018
Trust own potential ! Hold on the drawing navigation chart and let’s go ahead☆

– July 15, 2017
I’m lucky for today also, since early in the morning: forgetting foods and focused on my dreams and my goals !

July 14, 2019

– July 14, 2019
Once a year, an annual event : Hong Kong Horse Racing the last day of the season / after the last race, at around 6pm, to get the stuffed horses of the year by the “stuffed horses throwing” from the race course. I want to come with “my horse” earlier. I want to strike a victory pose in the Winners Circle. I believe it will come true and accumulating every day.
– July 14, 2018
The RIMOWA suitcase was renewed, the spirit got injected.
– July 14, 2017
Believe in the talent ! Believe in the mass of the talent ! !

July 13, 2019

– July 13, 2019
From Hong Kong to Beijing, the high-speed railway departs at 8am and arrives at 5pm once a day: Shenzhen → Guangzhou → Changsha → Wuhan → Zhengzhou → Shijiazhuang → Beijing: it takes 3.5 hours by plane, 20 daily flights: I want to get experience “China Railway Long travel” once in my life.
– July 13, 2018
☆Riding on the rising air flow in July☆Live in the finest pride!
– July 13, 2016
Is this season ending in the first half ? Tell the unattractive team how to use the relief pitchers, how many pitching coaches do they have? I will stop watching games in the second half, even 1 game. It is a waste of time. It is forbidden to talk about the amateur baseball team until going back to Japan. It is worth much more to spend time for my glorious future. Do my best !

July 12, 2019

– July 12, 2019
“Neo McQueen” (now 22 years old) I have been cheering since my junior high and high school. She has not successful breeding in the beginning, but has given birth for 3 horses in the past 3 consecutive years. 2017: Behkabad, 2018: Fenomeno, 2019: Vincennes, this year’s horse was born in June and was planning with Cradle Sire in July. Judging from the rancher that “it is better to rest this year in consideration of her age. And It is better to postpone it to the next spring.” “next year is the last chance” One-year-later dream that Oguri-cap and Mejiro McQueen’s blood will come cross.
– July 12, 2018
I must learn so much and keep improving, otherwise I cannot get the “Mother’s dream !” I want to make it come true !!
– July 12, 2017
Neither “a lofty degree of intelligence” nor “imagination” nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.

July 11, 2019

– July 11, 2019
To “survive” in a harsh business environment, it is necessary to do when others are sleeping and “how much do you study” in the back. Studying is NOT for “students”, but in the society, “studying more than students” is required. If you are practicing it now, you will realize that the time, when you do not do it, will be the time you cannot survive.
– July 11, 2018
Today is 11th: Change my mind and spirit, and live strongly. The income resource shifts to B to B.
– July 11, 2017
Genius is the ability to put into effect what is on your mind.