Sep. 23, 2019

– Sep. 23, 2019
Anyway, now “I must work hard.” I should think that all the other dreams will come true based on the premise of “hard working.” Working hard and making all the dreams come true.
– Sep. 23, 2018
The old Japanese worked hard on weekends, and the hard working made the country stronger. Japanese, don’t forget the hard working.
– Sep. 23, 2017
In my sober, I cannot do anything. To win the game, let’s make it boost ! booster☆
– Sep. 23, 2016
(今進め男タフィ この時に全てかけて 豪快なアーチを 勝利を待つスタンドへ)
Now, let’s go a man Taffy, do everything at this time, hit the dramatic home run, to the stand waiting the victory.