Sep. 24, 2019

– Sep. 24, 2019
The ultimate investment is “myself.” The investment that ultimately surpasses any other investments is an investment in myself. Need to work on improving whatever thinking of self-weakness. And that’s what I should start right now.
– Sep. 24, 2018
The cause is inside, not outside !
– Sep. 24, 2017
(時間有限!時間を共にする人を選ぶ・タロム航空:ブカレスト→クルジュ:the Victoria Hotel 滞在)
Time limited! Choose people to share with time • Tarom Airline: Bucharest → Cluj: Stay in the Victoria Hotel
– Sep. 24, 2016
No one can take away what you have in yourself. And everyone has the potential not to use it yet. The potential you gain by 10%, 20%, or 30% by gaining capacity will not be taxed or lost by inflation. As long as you live, you can keep it.