Sep. 29, 2019

– Sep. 29, 2019
(『現状のままで満足ではなく、変化を求めているからハーフハーフね』→ 現状の変化は、確かに求めているけれども、その変化が、求められている変化とは違うから、これがハーフハーフって意味の解釈)
I ’m not satisfied with the status quo, but I’m looking for a change. → Surely, I am looking for the change in the status quo, but because the change is different from the change required, this is the interpretation of the half-half’s meaning.
– Sep. 29, 2018
There are many good points, so I just tell about the concerns. If making partner with a Japanese doctor in my life, overseas perspective is weak. Everyone is a pure Japanese who loves Japan, want to live in Japan for a long time, and it’s risky to live in overseas’ different culture. Short-term overseas trips are possible. I must live in Tokyo. Difficult to stick in overseas.
– Sep. 29, 2017
Live seriously every day and must change: a man with a daily salary of US$4000: changes by the Lufthansa Business Class !
– Sep. 29, 2016
First, let’s focus on the people’s flow here: now ready to change the world♪