September 4, 2019

– September 4, 2019
Now, it is the “turning point !” Business, horses, and private life, everything I can have leaves at this moment.
– September 4, 2018
(「ちゃんと愛してるよ」に対しての答え「A. 俺も愛してるよ / B. わかってるよ / C. それを聞けて良かったよ / D. ちゃんとちゃんとの味の素」正解はD)
The answer of “I love you properly” is … “A. I love you, too. / B. I know it. / C. I’m glad I could know it. / D. Properly, properly Ajinomoto” The correct answer is D.
– September 4, 2017
“One-time life, do everything I want to do” and “God of chance has only the front hair” is my motto
– September 4, 2016
The first Skype with Keisuke Honda.
– September 4, 2015
2 round trips Macau = Hong Kong in 1 day: went to Macau, lost my cellphone in Macau, back to Hong Kong without notice, went to Macao again, back to Hong Kong again.