September 6, 2019

– September 6, 2019
Captain Taniguchi’s father: A bastar who can’t get into what you really want to do is not useful even when you go out to the society ! Don’t lie to yourself ! You must never imitate something you regret by the things you like it !!

– September 6, 2018
I live in Hong Kong for 7 years. From Hong Kong, I can stay on a day trip in Japan, so I return every time when I want to do something like “I want to eat sushi in Tsukiji”, “I want to see the final game of Koshien” or “I want to ride a horse at farms in Hokkaido.” The motto is “I’ll do everything I want to do in a one-time life,” and “God of chance has only the front hair.”

– September 6, 2017
My favorite country: America, Singapore, Switzerland, and Japan

– September 6, 2016
World Cup Qualifiers: watching the game of Japan vs Thailand