September 7, 2019

– September 7, 2019
(『約束』ほぼ100%の確率で実現できない限り、絶対に約束は結ばない = 約束を結ぶならば、ほぼ100%の確率で実現させる。この方が、結果的に信頼される。約束を結ぶ時は、それくらい慎重になるべき。ほぼ100%の確率の時だけ『約束する』)
“Promise” I will never make a promise unless it can be realized with almost 100% probability. = If I made a promise, it should be realized with almost 100% probability. It is more reliable as a result. I should be so careful when I would make a promise. “Promise” is only made with almost 100% probability.
– September 7, 2018
Crawl the ground ! Hound dog !! Working hard is the most profitable as a human.
– September 7, 2017
Sometimes it ’s good, and sometimes it ’s bad. The good time always comes if you keep going it without being rot.